Scheduled Services

Regular scheduled services help your car be in a good shape and may also prevent costly repairs later. The interval between services vary depending on the vehicle. Your car will need a service after a certain mileage or time – whichever comes sooner. You can check it in your service guide book or just give us a call.

Bring your car to German Tech Cars and our specialists will give it full and undivided attention. They will ensure that your car is in very good shape by:

  • providing full health-check of your car
  • changing the oil and oil filter
  • visually checking your tires and lights
  • (anything else?)

An average time it takes for your car to be serviced is (time). Therefore, we offer you a free courtesy car. (Therefore, you can just leave the car with us over night, or enjoy a refreshing cap of tea/coffee in the waiting room, with free access to Wi-Fi and iMac)

Get your quote and book your scheduled service