A few words about us




We are a independent garage based in Clifton Road in Cambridge. We set up on our own in 2011 after gaining many years experience in the motor trade and have just moved to our new premises. We have all the necessary tools to carry out the work needed on your vehicle, no matter how specialised the job may be.

As our name suggests we specialise in German vehicles; Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, SEAT, and Skoda, but we also have the capability to work on any car. We have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic software and equipment so that we can work on any vehicle, from a Ford Ka to a Range Rover. This diagnostic equipment is up to main dealer standard so we can carry out all diagnostic work at a fraction of the price compared to a franchised dealer.

 We have the technical knowledge and experience to look after you and your vehicle in our clean and modern workshop and offices. We offer free courtesy cars, free courtesy bicycles,  and a free courtesy van, or why not pop to the cinema just down the road while we take care of your vehicle. If you’d prefer to wait, that’s not a problem either as we have a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi connection to help you pass the time. We can also arrange to collect and deliver your vehicle if you are local, or we can give you a lift back home or to work.

 We offer sensible prices and a professional approach, so if you have a problem with your car or van we can help. Our services are 100% guaranteed and include:

 Complete computer diagnostics, including ECU updates – main dealers can charge up to £100 just to have a look at your vehicle, which seems obscene to us, and they might charge you £200 -£300 to carry out updates. We are much more sensible, and can carry out ECU updates on Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda and many more. We are happy to provide a while you wait diagnostic check, so please give us a call if you have a problem with your vehicle and we can make an appointment for you.

Servicing of any vehicle to manufactures guidelines – we always follow the manufactures guidelines when carrying out servicing work and always make sure that we use the correct oils. Many vehicles are very oil sensitive, so its vitally important that the correct oil is used to prevent damage to the engine and other components.

Emission repair facility including DPF regeneration-we can carry out DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration on your vehicle should your filter become blocked saving you hundreds of pounds on the cost of a replacement. This is a very specialist operation which involves washing out the filter and then reprogramming the vehicle, but we have the technology to do it.

Tyres- we hold a large stock of tyres and receive deliveries 3 times a day, so if you need replacements please give us a call for a quote. We have a state of the art Hofmann tyre machine which means we cat fit tyres of any size, and always take care and precautions so that we don’t damage your wheel.

Brakes- full brake fitting service is available and again this can be done while you wait, but  we are happy for you to take a courtesy vehicle away while we carry out the work. We often do brakes, discs, calipers and brake fluid changes, so please give us a call for a quote or pop in and see us.

Clutch replacements- we are happy to replace clutches on any vehicle and will always use genuine parts, but are happy to give you alternatives should you want them.

Cam belt changes- we will always give you great value for money. We will away change the water pump at the same time as changing the cam belt, and the tensioners and associated parts, as these are also prone to wear and ultimately failure as well the belt. When comparing quotes it’s important to bear in mind that we will do everything you need and clearly break the price down for you. We are not like some other garages that will only do what they can get away with.

Air conditioning systems- we can carry our air conditioning re-gas, repair of leaking hoses or broken condensers and compressors, or full servicing of the air conditioning system including bacterial steriliser and deoderiser.

MOT’s- we can arrange for your MOT to be carried out at the same time as your service if that is convenient for you.

Laser Wheel Alignment- we can carry out the tracking on your vehicle and have been able to do this much more accurately that a lot of other garages. If your car pulls to the left or right, or your steering wheel isn’t quite straight, you probably need you tracking doing. It will stop uneven tyre wear and make the tyres last longer, as well as making your vehicle feel safer and more secure on the road.

 ………and much more.

We’re the garage other garages use when they have a problem.

Our promise: whatever the car, whatever the problem, we will try and help.